Crackdown Gameplay Premiering at Gamescom

All in all, there’s plenty of reason to be excited about our first glimpse of the new Crackdown – and with little more than a week to wait before Microsoft’s Gamescom conference, expect hype around this unveiling to build quickly. Unlike controllers, a mouse is capable of pinpoint accuracy, while keyboards offer a much greater range of commands and inputs.


And because someone always feels the need to call us liars, it’s worth mentioning that these problems may not be affecting everybody, but they do exist as evidenced by Microsoft’s acknowledgement.

How long before the Xbox is just a specialized type of home computer?

Windows 10 on all devices will come with an Xbox app with functionality which works across the board. If you are looking for an external storage device for your Xbox One, we have a simple, effective option for you today.

Slated to arrive during the holiday season of 2015, the dashboard changes everything with what Microsoft’s Xbox team has dubbed “the New Xbox One Experience”. Helpfully there’s a button to adjust the streaming quality on the app; if your network is more congested you can take the picture quality down a notch.

The Xbox One is also getting a software update soon that will enable it to run a version of Windows 10.

With Game DVR, you’ll be able to capture your best moves for any game that you’re playing quickly, easily and without leaving your game, simply by pressing the Windows and G keys.

One of the biggest updates coming to the Xbox One is its compatibility with Windows 10.

The integration is working the other way too.

Xbox is launching between now and the end of this year, multiple high profile Xbox One exclusives.

The original dash was designed for use with the Kinect motion control camera, which was initially a required part of the console’s set-up until the court of public opinion forced Microsoft to essentially abandon it entirely.


Announced during June’s E3 event, it is evident that this new feature was a major factor to the Q4′ success.

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