Crew shooting film to promote Houston robbed at ‘We Love Houston’ sign

Zach Jankovic of Cut To Create Video Productions was working on a promotional video about Houston for a local real estate company when his cameramen were robbed along I-10 in front of the famous “We Love Houston” art installation by David Addickes.


Zach Jankovic, a Houston native and owner of the production company, said his crew was shooting footage of the “We Love Houston” sign for a film to promote the positive aspects of the city when a man approached them and brandished a gun. His armed robbery was caught on the very same camera he was trying to take.

“You just don’t expect this kind of thing to happen, especially when you’re making a video to sort of promote Houston”.

“He walked up to them and did one of these”, Jankovic said, putting his finger up to his mouth, “and pulled the gun out of his trousers and showed them the gun”. What he didn’t know is that the GoPro camera he was stealing was able to snap a photo of his face before it dropped from his grip.

“For a few reason he left the GoPro behind”, Jankovic told KTRK-TV. And that’s exactly what Jankovic did; he plastered the bad guys face all over Facebook, hoping it would go viral. Jankovic says the robber, wearing a red T-shirt, stole two high-end professional cameras, plus other equipment.

The thief did leave behind the crew’s tripods, but got away with about $15,000 in equipment, yet Jankovic said the guy did far more damage to the Houston everyone loves.


Houston Police have a picture of the suspect.

Nice selfie Police are hoping that this image of a brazen robber who held up a camera crew in Houston on Wednesday will lead them straight to the thief himself after he accidentally took the selfie on a Go Pro camera