Critic’s Corner: What’s on TV Wednesday

From its jaw-dropping storylines to its chart-topping hip-hop soundtrack, Empire instantly gained a legion of die-hard fans, creating a social media frenzy and making “Cookie” a household name. ” On why Lucious helped Cookie with the Frank Gatis situation”…It’s just what they do for one another.


Cookie and her crew took a huge bite out of the television ratings for Wednesday night.

The first song that we hear in the entire season, “Live in the Moment”, which was in the pilot, sung by Jamal and Hakeem, shows the fun that we were in for when the show first started.

Thus, Empire season 2 premiered last September 23 with great success.

Later, Cookie confronted Jamal and told him he ruined her plan of saving the company for her three sons.

“Empire” is back, and one thing remains certain: No matter where Lucious Lyon finds himself – and no matter his situation – he still reigns supreme.

The rapper called out Empire earlier this year because he believed the show copies his own series Power.

That is Cookie for you: loving and supportive, but still able to bring the truth. Lucious is also expected to have some conflict with members of a white supremacist prison gang while doing time. While Lucious isn’t throwing homophobic slurs at him anymore, it’s still not the warm and fuzzy relationship Jamal has hoped for his entire life. “Ya stupid?” He follows up with, “Man, me and Cookie go way back – you know I hit that”. But the way they write it is so clever, because that’s how she is. Cookie is forcing Hakeem and Andre to play nice so she can work millionaire, Mimi Whiteman (Marisa Tomei) into investing in their hostile takeover of Lucious.

Howard had also had noticeable roles in many movies including Winnie, Ray, Lackawanna Blues, Crash, Four Brothers, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Idlewild, August Rush, The fearless One and Prisoners.

While the series’ overall ratings attest the fact that its audience grows little by little as the episodes went by, the show’s premiere made a significant improvement on its second season.


Fox may have had a weak premiere for the new show Rosewood, but that had no impact on the return of Empire whatsoever.

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