Dad gets sweet implant tattoo to match his daughter

Her thoughtful father, Alistair Campbell, recently got a matching implant tattooed on the side of his head in an act of empathy.


“My love for her really”, stated Campbell.

Before getting inked, the dad shaved his head. “Hey, my hair can grow back”.

In a similar case reported by The Mirror, the parents of a baby girl called Honey-Rae decided to get a birthmark tattoo on their legs, similar to her daughter’s natural birthmark.

“Without the cochlear implant, she wouldn’t be able to hear at all”, she said.

In a touching display of affection and support, a New Zealand father has gotten a cochlear implant tattoo so his young daughter doesn’t feel alone.

Charlotte unfortunately also has a condition which limits the extent that her brain can receive sounds from her right ear.

Charlotte reportedly saw her dad’s version of a cochlear implant and told him it was “cool”.

Charlotte Campbell is definitely daddy’s girl.

The Hearing House in Auckland, a charity for children with hearing impairment, commended Campbell’s tattoo as a great way to showcase the effect of cochlear implants. The second implant is intended to give Charlotte “more sound” to help her better figure out what direction the noise is coming from, according to the NZ Herald.


Filip Dakic tweeted, “Wow”.

Dad Who Got Cochlear Implant Tattoo To Match His Daughter Should Win Father-Of