Dad’s extreme Ikea hack

In case you were wondering what an Ikea Hack is Mr Strong explained in his YouTube video description: ‘An Ikea hack in which one or more components has been used in a way that is completely different from the original intent’.


One dad’s extreme Ikea hack is going viral.

The attention is well-deserved as he repurposed four pieces of furniture (two Kura beds and Besta and Trofast storage units) to create a brilliant design that includes a bed, slide and secret room hidden by a book shelf.

Creative dad, Eric Strong thought it was time for his son to give up his crib for a more “big boy bed”, but didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars.

Keeping budget in mind, Strong opted to transform an IKEA bed into something that would qualify as awesome.

The space under the bed was converted into a secret clubhouse that opens by pulling down a book, which then opens the bookcase as a door, according to Strong.

Could you see your kids loving this too?

In a response video posted to YouTube on Tuesday, Strong said he’s since modified the wooden posts at the bottom of the bed’s slide to keep rambunctious visitors from injuring themselves.

In a follow-up video, Strong said he spent 1-2 hours per night on the project over the course of two months.


“Hopefully it qualifies for the title of most awesome bed ever”, Strong said.

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