‘Dancing With The Stars’ contestant Kim Zolciak-Biermann leaves competition

But she allegedly suffered a mini-stroke after returning home from Dancing with the Stars last week. The star announced in another post that she had to undergo a heart procedure before she could go home. “Regardless I’ll be dancing my a** off at the finale”, she wrote, along with a link to the petition.


Kim Zolciak was in the news lately not for being a great contender on “Dancing With the Stars“, but because of her recent mini stroke.

The 37-year-old Albanian was hospitalized on Friday following a transient ischemic attack, but was discharged soon after. “I’m really happy for her that she’s taking care of herself, but I’m sad to be out of the competition”, he said, adding, “She was showing signs of improvement!” She, too, added that she does not know how to express her love for dancing and the “whole experience” and hopes that this will not be the end of it all. In addition to her reality stardom, Kim has six children and is married to Atlanta Falcons running back Kroy Biermann.

Sources say that Kim Zolciak was told by DWTS that she needed to Skype in for the show, and that Kim would be giving everyone an update on her health. She captioned the video, “I practiced for hours Saturday I was so excited to be there tonight!”

Her status on Dancing With the Stars remained to be determined until Monday night. But when it came time for Monday night’s show, Zolciak’s doctors told her she was not allowed to fly to Los Angeles. “He even brings me my favorite coffee”.

Williams, 51, tried to relate to Zolciak’s story by saying she also “wanted to get off” Dancing with the Stars when she competed with Dovolani back in 2011, according to People.


The other side of the leaderboard didn’t matter all that much this week, as Kim Zolciak and Tony were eliminated from the competition. Apparently, people want to see Kim and Tony back on next week and they’re hoping they might talk producers into it if they’re loud enough on social media.

Kim Zoliak's dance partner Tony Dovolani talks her DWTS elimination