Darling unsure what Corbyn stands for

Such a move would see several Labour MPs vote against Mr Corbyn, who stepped down as chairman of the Stop The War Coalition yesterday to focus on his leadership duties.


Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron claimed he had received “unsolicited texts” from well-known figures “distressed” about the direction the party was taking.

The Conservatives won the seat in the general election, but the constituency has been closely-fought between Labour and the Conservatives in recent years.

He said the comment he made about Margaret Thatcher “was an appalling joke”.

“You’ll never have a strong opposition with this regime”.

Around 400 guests – including Scots peers and parliamentarians from Holyrood, Westminster and Europe, political journalists and lobbyists – had attended the event but most had already left the party when the fire broke out in the ground-floor reception. That’s a lesson that people should read. “The damage has been done, it will take a minimum two to three elections to recover”.

After four days of mixed messages over his stance on the European Union and referendum, Corbyn earlier told the BBC he could not imagine a situation when Labour was campaigning to leave the bloc.

Darling, who has just been nominated for a peerage, said the new Labour leader could fail to “get off the ground” unless he quickly reassured people where he stood. “What has been particularly disgusting is the way so numerous career, right-wing politicians that came into Labour in the past 20 years are demonstrating contempt for party democracy”, Mr Stein added, referring to the attacks coming from inside the party.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm for him among his own MPs and a hard first week in post, she said that Mr Corbyn will be able to harness the “surge of support” for policies, such as scrapping Trident and ending austerity, that gave the SNP victory in Scotland, wiping out Labour.

“In November, I just felt so despairing”, Mr Stein said.

The Labour MP admitted for the first time that it had been a “mistake” to say in 2003 that “the bombs and bullets” of republicans had been responsible for bringing about the peace process.

He said: “If I gave offence – and I clearly have – from the bottom of my heart I apologise”. “But we are working this position out at the moment”.

“She told me to get out of town. My proposal, which the party will have to discuss – and they will – is that we should not impose the current benefit cap”.

“People who have been members of the party for as long as I’ve been a member of mine who feel that they don’t recognise their party any more and feel deeply distressed”.

It is thought Mr Corbyn is waiting for such endorsements before making major announcements on policy shifts.

“People are nervous because we are not quite sure what’s going to happen”.


“Half” of Jeremy Corbyn’s new shadow cabinet would support David Cameron if he tabled a coherent plan for airstrikes in Syria, it has been reported. I should not have said that.

Shadow chancellor apologises for IRA comments