David Beckham: ‘My son’s soccer snub broke my heart’

Soccer star, model, and occasional actor David Beckham was asked about the idea that he could possibly become the next 007 once Craig retires.


But sadly, as much as we’d like to see Beckham’s Adonis-like form star in a full-length feature film, this isn’t the start of his acting career.

“I said, ‘Okay, stop right there…”

Asked what time he gets home, he said: “My parents are really cool, as I never get in that late anyway”.

While Victoria went into the shop with children Romeo, Cruz and Harper, former England captain David posed for a picture with the three excited 11-year-olds.

Experts also estimate that Brand Beckham generates between £30m to £40m per year, thanks to their three main corporate vehicles: Footworks, where David’s football related revenues are collated; the Beckham label, for all their endorsements; and Beckham Venture, for Victoria’s fashion business.

Speaking to ABC News, the former professional footballer opened up about the pressure all his sons feel to be good at soccer.

“His wife is obviously doing these incredible dresses all the time, I thought I better wear something befitting the occasion when you’re interviewing a fashion icon”, Reid said. “Mum is constantly telling us not to play football in the house”, he said via DNA India.

“I know, I heard that the other day”, grinned Beckham.

They both took snaps among the balloons, which will presumably be posted to their various social media pages in the near future. Brooklyn may have 4.4 million followers on Instagram but his dad oversees everything he publishes.

The 40-year-old also addressed claims that he is going to pursue an acting career following his retirement from football.

Some might be critical of the duo’s parenting style but we think they’re killing it. Keep up the good work you two!


If the couple moved to the area they would join a long list of celebrities who have homes in Gloucestershire, including supermodel Kate Moss, singer Lily Allen and actress Liz Hurley.

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