David Cameron: removing Assad is in Syria and Britain’s interests

Once the global Atomic Energy Agency declares that Iran has lived up to its end of the deal, the USA, the European Union and the United Nations will begin to lift sanctions, providing Iran with over $50 billion. He said the deal, finalized in July, marked a “new chapter” in Iran’s dealings with the world, so his swipe at the United States was striking.


“The gravest and most important threat to the world today is for terrorist organizations to become terrorist states”, said Rouhani. While Congressional Republicans have said Iran can not be trusted to abide by the terms of an agreement, some Iranians have criticized the agreement as bowing to American pressure.

An anti-Rouhani protester dons a papier-mâché head of the Iranian president during a demonstration outside the United Nations building in New York, September 28, 2015.

By RACHEL ZOLL AP Religion Reporter In Congress and at a parish school, at the United Nations and a city jail, Pope Francis spent a whirlwind US visit bridging the realms of the disadvantaged and elite, … Sky’s correspondent, travelling with Cameron to the United States, said Cameron was not ruling out that Assad could be part of a transition, but “what he is very clear about is that Assad cannot be part of Syria’s future in the long run”.

The wars in Syria and Yemen are among the key issues to be discussed during the UN General Assembly debate.

Iran was the subject of criticism by President Obama Monday morning during his speech to the General Assembly, wherein he called out the country for continuing to employ “violent proxies to advance its interests” in the Middle East.

On the ground, Russian Federation seems to have already started putting the pieces together by agreeing with Iraq, Syria and Iran that their officers will work together in Baghdad to share intelligence on ISIS.

President Putin said he supported Syria’s “legitimate government“. “There is no future for Syrian people with either one or the other“.

Asked whether there was a danger that the Russians were seizing the initiative in the region, the official said, “we’re just at the beginning of trying to understand what the Russians’ intentions are in Syria, in Iraq, and to try to see if there are mutually beneficial ways forward here”.

Rouhani’s comments come as world governments are preparing to implement the nuclear deal with Iran and lift sanctions on its oil and financial sectors.


Iran has been deeply critical of Saudi Arabia over the tragedy. Nevertheless, he protested the adoption of unfair resolutions against Iran and the imposition of sanctions against the Iranian nation and Government as a result of misunderstandings and sometimes overt hostilities of some countries.

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