DeAndre Jordan staying the Clippers

Jordan was scheduled to leave on a 10-day Caribbean cruise Thursday.


They gathered to meet with Jordan and talk things over, then held the Mavericks at bay as owner Mark Cuban tried to get one more meeting to close the deal.

A cursory search for “chair against door” couldn’t find anything that looked like Griffin’s first photo, which leads us to believe it might be real. Redick were among those who converged on Jordan’s Houston home on Wednesday in a last-ditch attempt to convince him to stay with L.A.

So what did the Clippers do following what was described as a brief meeting, as they waited until the clock strikes 12 p.m. EST to officially seal the deal? Paul vowed to make Jordan a more important focal point of the Clippers’ offense.

The rest of the day included a freaky, seemingly neverending series of clues regarding the Clippers group’s methods of travel for getting to Jordan in a number of emoji-only tweets.

But then the cavalry arrived for the Clippers.

Jordan is the first “big fish” free agent to agree to play for the Mavs in the team’s 35-year history. The Clippers all mobilized and met Jordan at his house, and apparently have blocked off the Mavericks from entering.

Pierce followed later with the photographic evidence of Jordan signing his Clips’ deal with Rivers looking on.

The National Basteball Association may be forced to revisit its free-agency rules in light of this very public, and decidedly ludicrous, situation.

Each Major League Soccer team will receive $500,000 in additional money over the next five years to spend on players. There are no legitimate options remaining on the free agent market.

Jordan is still “torn” and “unsure” about his choice, sources told ESPN. Dallas promised him a larger role, showed him he was wanted, told him he would be featured.

July 9, 2015DeAndre Jordan needs an agent certification on contract, invalid without it. Agents are expected to join Clippers, Jordan tonight at house.

However, Jordan never confirmed his agreement-it was all reports.


Yahoo Sports and others reported the meeting between the Clippers and Jordan was brief. Griffin flew to Houston on Tuesday to have dinner with Jordan, sources said. The moratorium gives the National Basteball Association time to calculate the new salary cap and luxury tax for the next season. But teams and players are allowed to come to verbal agreements during the moratorium starting July 1. Information from ESPN’s Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne and’s Tim MacMahon was used in this report.

DeAndre Jordan