Dem Rep. Kildee, who represents hostage Hekmati, supports Iran nuclear deal

If Iran were to cheat on the deal, “we are under instructions from the president to Preserve, and indeed we are improving – and I can’t get into that here – the military option”, Carter said.


Kerry lashed back: “Congressman, I don’t need any lessons from you about who I represent”.

The information Israel is being denied has to do with Iran’s agreement with the IAEA concerning possible military aspects of Teheran’s nuclear program.

“We have a choice between this deal or no deal” to stop Iran from developing a nuclear bomb, Udall said from the Senate floor.

In defense of Obama’s approach, the deal’s supporters point out that the Iranians are a “proud, nationalistic people“, which is undoubtedly true, but irrelevant, just as it was for the leadership of Germany’s Third Reich.

Obama has aggressively courted Democrats, holding sessions at the White House and sending Cabinet members to Capitol Hill for briefings and hearings.

“He (Obama) asked for the meeting”.

Nadler said the president “makes an impressive case” but that he still has questions. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said he is leaning toward supporting the deal.

I followed the developments of these negotiations thoroughly and saw an Iran unwilling to make meaningful concessions.

McCain, who has staunchly opposed the deal, was furious.

Underscoring the hard-fought gains and losses, New York Rep. Grace Meng, a Democratic member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, came out against the deal on Wednesday.

“After eight years, under this agreement, the Iranians will be able to begin building and stockpiling more than 200 advanced centrifuges a year”, Hatch said, also noting that the embargo on ballistic missiles would be lifted under the terms of the agreement.

The U.S. political battle over the Iran nuclear agreement has gone Hollywood, thanks to a new video strongly backing the deal featuring boldface names from Jack Black and Morgan Freeman to former spy Valerie Plame and Jordan’s Queen Noor.

Asked how confident he was that the administration would have the votes to uphold a presidential veto, Lew said he believed there would be sufficient support, “enough for this to be sustained” if Congress does reject the agreement and Obama vetoes the resolution.

The United States and other world powers haven’t provided Israel with the details of the Iran nuclear deal, and especially the secret addendums concerning the agreements between Iran and the global Atomic Energy Agency, a top Israeli security official told lawmakers on Tuesday.

“That is absolutely astounding”, said Sen. “Once implemented, it will therefore remove a critical element of risk and uncertainty from the region”, Carter said during his opening statements.

As members of the Iranian-American community, we are proud Americans who are dedicated to our country. “It is standard procedure for 189 counties that have an agreement with the IAEA….”


“In the absence of your voices, you’re going to see the same array of forces that got us into the Iraq war, leading into a situation where we forgo this historic opportunity and we are back on the path of potential military conflict”, he said.

McCain slams Iran nuclear deal as 'shopping spree'