DeMarco Murray: I don’t think I’m getting the ball enough

Sam Bradford’s poor play in the opening halves of games is at the root of the Eagles’ problems. He wasn’t the season the Eagles lost. “They couldn’t block us”, said Redskins defensive end Chris Baker, who had two sacks. “It’s about executing plays and us being better”, the former Cowboy running back said on his role via ESPN. That’s what we need to do.


Good point. If you got JJ and TT in the same gym at the same time you would quite literally have a used-car-sale scenario where the two guys would refuse to be the last ones to take there hands off the squat rack. I don’t look at it as a leadership thing at all. Unfortunately, I don’t see him being a flawless fit. I have confidence in this group. More so this year than past years, we’re all on the same page.

-I’m actually pretty happy with the Eagles safety play, especially as it relates to any year after Brian Dawkins left.

MILESTONE: Drew Brees became the fifth QB in National Football League history to throw 400 TD passes, reaching that number on the second play of overtime in the Saints’ 26-20 victory over Dallas, connecting with C.J. Spiller from 80 yards out. Only the Browns had their defense on the field for more total plays.

“We had a couple of key drops in the fourth quarter”, Kelly said.

“Sam is taking what the defense gives us”, Kelly said. You and your dumb offense are the reason the defense is gassed.

Before finally it was already too late, the Redskins did something useful they actually infrequently previously did lately: they can got back to succeed the soccer game after reducing all pace.

Later in the third quarter Bradford, who had a 14-yard scramble for a first down earlier in the game, stiff-armed pass rusher Ryan Kerrigan rolling out and threw a 10-yard scoring strike to Brent Celek with 8:17 left to knot the score at 13. Now a lot of people would point out that Philadelphia is perhaps the most deserving fanbase in terms of who should get screwed over the most, and they’d be right. His completion percentage is third behind the aforementioned Jacoby Brissett.

Curry recorded three hurries and one hit on the quarterback. Sturgis was signed last week after Parkey went on injured reserve. At a few point, Kelly will have to acknowledge football is a game of attrition. Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do. It’s a play here or a play there. Through three games with the sputtering Eagles, he’s gotten just 29 carries and 40 touches overall. I’ll wait. But also my two ideas r that they’re anxious about Tim and JJ watt literally expiring in the weight room because they both wanna be last out or because the media would rather have Tebow as a broadcaster which makes them look cooler IMHO.

Just two running backs have carried the ball 30 or more times in a game this season.

If the NFL is, like everybody says, a quarterback’s league and the second most important team employees work on medical staff, how come a shoulder injury to Andrew Luck – he didn’t play in the Colts’ 16-13 overtime win against Jacksonville – doesn’t generate the attention and fear it deserves.

Kelly says “guys that we know are good football players” aren’t making plays. Sees like the only person whose having worse luck with his posts is Darren Rovell. All of a sudden, somebody makes a play, makes a spark, and everybody starts feeding off of that. “In terms of what’s available out there, we are going to stick with Caleb”. They’re in the right division to overcome a terrible start.So nothing’s finalized just yet. As much as he will stick to his rhetoric – “We’re not getting consistent execution”, he said after Washington went 90 yards to cement a 24-20 victory – somewhere he must know that the troubles run very deep. “You’re going to have setbacks along with the way and we certainly had our fair share”.

Alfred Morris broke-out several big runs that put Kirk Cousins in position to win the game.


Get rid of the doubters, even the gifted ones who have made you and the rest of your operation successful.

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