Destiny gets new currency, new emotes for real Earth money

You won’t be able to buy the new dances with Glimmer, Destiny’s in-game currency. Everis had previously given out bonuses that had been connected to real-life promotions such as Destiny pre-orders, and she will return to the game’s “Tower” hub to run a new storefront known as the “Eververse Trading Company”. Items confirmed by Bungie today include new emotes (’cause we all hate point, right?), though its speculated that things like Shaders and Sparrow skins may soon be available as well.


The vast majority of MMOs now feature microtransactions in a few regard, but the danger for players is when microtransactions enable a “pay-to-win” structure where those who drop the most cash on in-game stores have access to weapons, armor, and items that give them an advantage in head-to-head battles against others. Boosters to increase experience or currency gains are plausible, too.

Reports indicate that this new cosmetic microtransaction model is how Bungie will fund Destiny’s further development, and will release free DLC updates once a month throughout Fall 2016. Paid expansion packs take a long time to develop so optional purchases allow the developers to bring in a steady income in the meantime.

Destiny has always been a hard game to categorize, but by selling non-essential collector’s items for money, Bungie is clearly aping the approach used by many PC massively multiplayer games. “It has been, and continues to be, our goal to deliver updates to the game”. Bungie hasn’t announced when they’ll launch the Eververse Trading Company.


Are you willing to spend money to make your Guardian into the greatest dancer?

Destiny to Sell Additional Emotes