Destiny is adding microtransactions next week

Bungie‘s choice to acquaint microtransactions with Destiny could prompt a major rise in income for the shooter, as much as “many millions” every year. Once they have Silver, they can buy up to 18 new emotes from Tess Everis, a Tower merchant memorable for inspiring dialogue such as “Hmm”, “Interesting”, and “Uh huh”. However, none of these purchases will impact the game; instead, they will be purely cosmetic or emotes. Like with many AAA titles, the addition of add-on payments is not a popular move, but one that has become increasingly prominent in recent games. Truth be told, I’ll probably throw money at this, but only if the new emotes are better than The Taken King’s awful Warlock dance. It will all be distributed via a new shop called Eververse Trading Company that only deals in Silver, a currency that requires real life money to obtain.


A new poll has been set up by fans asking if the Destiny community “agree of disagree with micro transactions making their way into Destiny“.

So far the company hasn’t revealed any pricing, but has said that once the storefront is live on October 13th, players will be provided with all details through the game and through its website. What’s more, Bungie will drop a few free silver into players’ accounts, so everyone will be able to grab one or two emotes before putting down any of their own cash.

Bungie added once again that if players aren’t interested in what Tess has to offer, they “won’t ever be forced to pluck an item off of her shelf”. With the Eververse Trading Company, you can finally stop dancing like an old timey gold miner who just struck it big. Still, we consider this Destiny’s first true microtransaction system, as opposed to the freebies that came with purchases of Red Bull this summer. You all remember Tess Everis right?

Bungie is continuing to build new content into Destiny: The Taken King and earlier tonight, the studio has announced what’s next for the expansion.


Then, Bungie’s live team will expand to “focus on world events, experiences and feature requests”.