Destiny King’s Fall Raid Is Hiding A Huge Secret

The most recent, and brilliant, expansion The Taken King has introduced even more of these secrets, and it’s sending the Destiny community into overdrive. It appears during the King’s Fall raid, the newest addition to the game that came with The Taken King expansion. In the jumping puzzles that follow, there are a few platforms with lamps that take you to the room if you jump on them in a given sequence.


YouTuber Unstable Live has a video of himself and his Destiny fireteam attempting to take out Oryx in a record time and without a single death. However, in the wait for Heroic mode, many players reported the discovery of a secret room full of runes and relics that could be dunked, similar to the ceremony of entering the raid. We’ll update this once further developments have been made – go and find this room for yourself and report back with your results. As you would expect after any secret is revealed, the whole community got down to searching for the “secret room”.

Fans continue to look for new loot and secrets buried within the Dreadnaught and this week they stumbled across something new. It also contains entries referring to the WarMinds on both Earth and Mars – and as it is already known – the sleeper simulant’s quest is linked to the WarMinds, especially Rasputin and the Pocket Infinity fusion rifle.


King’s Fall, Destiny’s latest raid and toughest challenge, has now been beaten flawlessly.

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