Did Bruce Willis Get Fired From Woody Allen’s Latest Movie? (Probably)

While the plot and title of Allen’s latest work remains under a cloud, the 25-year-old star’s wardrobe indicates the film is set around the 1920s or 30s.


Having worked with Sylvester Stallone previously (twice – in Antz and, very briefly, Bananas), it was fun to note that Woody Allen had cast Sly’s co-Expendable Bruce Willis in his as-yet untitled next project. What’s more likely here is that Willis was either fired or quit the film (as The Wrap reporter Jeff Sneider suggests), and the Deadline report was an attempt to save face. Long story short, actors tend to notice scheduling issues before shooting starts, making their cover story to Fleming fairly dubious.

The cast also includes Jeannie Berlin (Inherent Vice), Blake Lively (Age of Adeline), Parker Posey (Best in Show), Corey Stoll (Ant-Man), and Ken Stott (The Hobbit Trilogy).

Kristen Stewart with a production assistant while on location for Woody Allen’s new film. He famously replaced Michael Keaton after one week of filming on 1985’s “The Purple Rose of Cairo“.


Willis had already been spotted on set with Eisenberg, so this is an eleventh-hour departure. So while recasting Willis’ role in the midst of filming isn’t exactly something Allen and Co. will enjoy doing, the director at least has experience in this arena.

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