Did White House Block 13-Year-Old Critic from the President’s Twitter Page?

Without using CJ Pearson’s name or even linking to a story about the boy (ice cold!), he Tweeted in no uncertain terms that the President doesn’t and has never blocked anybody.


Officials from the White House have responded to the accusation that Pearson was blocked by noting that it is not the policy of the White House to block anyone from following government social media accounts.

“If you think the American people are gonna fall for your little tricks, you’re downright insane”, he said in a Facebook video.

A 13-year-old conservative YouTube star drew the attention of national news outlets and the White House Wednesday night when he asserted that President Barack Obama blocked him on Twitter. “This administration has lied to the American people time and time again”. Ted Cruz.

He also stood by the screenshot he posted of the “blocked” status. They lied about Bengazi.

In the video, Pearson addresses Obama directly and points out that the families of murder victims like Kate Steinle and targeted law enforcement officers were not invited to the White House.


The reality of it is you dont get invited to the White House for building a clock Im sorry, Im sorry, I hate to be harsh, but its the plain truth, Pearson said.

White House Kid Who Says Obama Blocked Him on Twitter Is Probably Lying