Disney creates 3D coloring books using augmented reality

Then the app creates the illusion that the user also colors the parts of the character unavailable on the coloring book such as the sides and back.


A coloring book and a box of crayons may not be as interesting as TV and video games for kids, but the coloring book app devised by Disney Research, however, can cause characters to leap from the page in 3D glory with the help of augmented reality.

The app, working on a tool with a digital camera viewing the consumer and the colouring ebook, mechanically detects the character the consumer is colouring and shows the 3D model. In the example above it’s a cartoon elephant whose trousers are slowly being coloured in, but it could just as easily be a castle getting new flags, or a space ship getting a few battle damage.

Crayola attempted something similar with its Color Alive line, which merges apps and coloring books, but Disney is taking things up a notch with the real-time aspect.

In consumer testing – carried out with adults fairly than youngsters on this early research – the researchers discovered that the majority customers stated the app elevated their motivation to attract in colouring books and eighty % stated the app elevated their feeling of connection to a personality.

Robert W. Sumner, a research scientist at Disney, says that AR holds a lot of potential in connecting the gap between digital experience and activities in the real world.


The app was first unveiled in Japan at the IEEE worldwide Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR 2015). The app was presented by researchers from Disney, ETH Zurich and the Swiss university EPFL.

Disney Research