Disney removes bronze Bill Cosby statue

“Even if they willingly participated in consuming drugs or alcohol, the point at which they are incapacitated, they are unable to provide consent for sexual intercourse”, said Morgan Moeller, rape recovery team director with the Women’s Center of Jacksonville.


Disney officials said the Cosby bust will be removed after the park closes Tuesday, but would not confirm the reasoning behind the removal. The statue was on display at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza.

In a significant decision in favor of your right to know, a federal judge in Pennsylvania on Monday released to the Associated Press previously sealed documents in a sexual assault lawsuit brought against comedian Bill Cosby more than a decade ago.

Frustrated by their attempts to dodge questions, Troiani went to court then to force Cosby and his lawyers to co-operate in the pre-trial deposition.

“We are very hopeful that we will be able to use this admission in the case of Judy Huth v. Bill Cosby, which Mr. Cosby is attempting to block by filing a writ with the California Supreme Court”, Allred said.

“This is my opinion and in America, still – I know it’s a shock – but you actually [are] innocent until proven guilty”, Goldberg said. The Cosby Show actor has denied the accusations.

“It’s been extremely difficult for my two children and my fiancé and my friends and it has been extremely hard for me”.

In her eyes, the fact that Cosby admitted to giving one woman Quaaludes means that he only wanted to show her a good time.

After the news of the deopsition was released Monday night, Grammy award winning singer Jill Scott said she was disgusted after previously showing public support for her mentor, Bill Cosby.

Cle “Bone” Sloan told detectives it was Knight who ran over him and another man outside a Compton, Calif., burger stand in January, killing the other man and seriously injuring Sloan.

“Sadly his own testimony offers proof of awful deeds, which is all I have ever required to believe the accusations”, Scott wrote.


Cosby has never been criminally charged, and most of the allegations exceed the statute of limitations. He testified he gave her three half-pills of Benadryl.

AP: Bill Cosby admitted to giving women Quaaludes for sex