Disney Unveils Attractions at Planned Resort in Shanghai

Visitors to the theme park will be able to pass along Mickey Avenue, float through Adventure Isle, Fantasyland and Treasure Cove, before taking off for Tomorrowland.


The Walt Disney Co. and Chinese partner Shanghai Shendi Group broke ground on the US$5.5 billion (RM21 billion) park in April 2011. However, there are also new additions in the works, as well as the biggest castle of all the Disney theme parks to date that will include all of the Disney princesses.

During an appearance Tuesday in Shanghai, Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger said the park will combine the best of Disney’s storytelling with the rich heritage of China.

The park is expected to attract 10 million visitors in its first year, according to the management committee of the Shanghai global Tourism and Resorts Zone, where it is located. Guests can blaze their own trails at Camp Discovery, travel around the world on Soaring over the Horizon, or embark on the thrilling rafting adventure Roaring Rapids, straight through the heart of Adventure Isle.

Everything from the concept art to Iger’s carefully crafted language reeks of classic Disney awesomeness: detailed, magical, and uncompromisingly perfectionistic.

More details about Shanghai Disney Resort have emerged.

Huawei and China Unicom plan to use the network initially to help Disney manage its park through smart parking applications, people flow management and smart wristbands, which are already in use in its United States resorts. As of present, Disney fans still flock to the Hong Kong park, which opened in 2005.

Treasure Cove. This will be the first pirate-themed area of a Disney park, and naturally, will house the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and a stunt show featuring the star of the Piratesfranchise, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Gardens of Imagination: This section features the famous Dumbo ride, plus a stage show called Ignite The Dream: A Nighttime Spectacular of Magic and Light.

With all these new attractions, will you be visiting Shanghai Disneyland when it opens? Also included in the land will be a chance to board a pirate ship, boat on Explorer Canoes, and eat at Barbossa’s Bounty.


The Times story also said that Shanghai Disney would not have the American-oriented Main Street area or other American features found in other parks. It will also be interesting to see if Disney tweaks the elements of the franchise for a Chinese audience, perhaps by acknowledging the series’ many influences from Asian cinema.

Disney's Robert Iger unveils Shanghai Disneyland