‘Do the Honey Boo Boo bop’ to Alana Thompson’s new song

The 10-year-old teamed up with viral video sensation, Adam Barta, to write her debut single entitled, “Movin’ Up”.


Mama June, big sister Pumpkin and dad Sugar Bear are all seen doing the “Honey Boo Boo Bop”, which we think will soon join the likes of the Macarena and the Fast Food Song in the “terrible dance records hall of fame”.

GR Media, the same company that created music videos for Teen Mom star Mackenzie Mckee and “Tan Mom” Patricia Krencil, released the video on its YouTube channel on Monday.

And while dashing onto iTunes to download the track might not be top of your priority list, one thing’s for sure, once you’ve got the Honey Boo Boo Bop in your head, it’s hard to get it out!

‘I’m the princess of this castle / Mama June queen of the house / Went from something to nothing / I holler and scream and shout, ‘ Honey Boo Boo raps in the song.

Honey Boo Boo wants to move up from reality TV to pop stardom.


The show was later cancelled after it was discovered that Mama June had been secretly dating a convicted child molester who served 10 years for forcing oral sex on an 8-year-old.

Alana Honey Boo Boo Thompson