Doctors see new trial for asylum-seekers: the cold weather

A new group of migrants crossed into Croatia late Sunday, crossing the border near the small village of Bapska.


Further details as to the names of the Pakistanis and how they had traveled to the Hungarian-Croatian border were unclear at the moment.

Vladimir Bozic, a physician from Doctors without Borders, said he had treated many young children. Many are suffering in rising numbers from colds and the flu after days or weeks on the move in the rain and the mud.

It said the European Union should be more even-handed in criticizing outside nations.

SZEGED, Hungary The court docket among the south Hungarian township of Szeged has shelved other the court that is giving down rapid-tune verdicts goal migrants for illegally holding back a really-cable problem that in fact shape in the sounth with the use of Serbia.

The possibility of a fence between Hungary and Croatia has sparked worry in the region ever since Hungary closed its border with Serbia on September 15.

Saed Al Mousawi, who fled from Afghanistan, said that the drop in temperatures had made many feel unwell, especially the children.

Twenty years ago, Croatia and Serbia were coming to the end of a four-year war that saw many minefields laid and left large areas littered with unexploded ordnance.

“I just want to go only to Germany“, said Adnan Habbabi, a 36-year-old from Basra, Iraq, who hopes to join family members there.

Bavaria’s governor says 169,400 migrants have arrived in the southeastern German state, by far the main point of entry to the country, since the beginning of September.


Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic plans to visit the migrant transit camp at Opatovac, near the Serb border, later Tuesday. On Monday, a dual nations resumed sniping during any other.

A woman reacts as she tries to board a crowded bus with her baby transporting them to the metro station after their arrival from the Greek island of Lesbos at Athens&#039 port of Piraeus Monday Sept. 28 2015. The Greek ferry Elefhterios Venizelos