Don’t expect Biden to be in first Democratic debate

In an emotional appearance on The Late Show, Biden told Stephen Colbert that he is simply not emotionally prepared to make a decision.


Political junkies and journalists have been breathlessly speculating about whether Biden will get into the Democratic presidential race. But with every passing week, many Democrats close to Biden are hardening in their beliefs that he will ultimately decide against challenging Clinton and the rest of the party’s field.

A senior adviser to the Draft Biden super-PAC, Josh Alcorn, publicly urged Biden to participate in the debate earlier this month. In a few polls he even beats Vermont Sen.

For more than two months, Biden has been entertaining the idea of launching a presidential campaign and missed his original end-of-summer deadline as he and his team have been inundated by mounds of research and battle plans to launch a candidacy, CNN reports.

Don’t count on Vice President Joe Biden to step onto the debate stage when CNN hosts the first Democratic scrum on October 13.

On Election Day in 2012, Biden, while voting in Delaware, was asked if this would be the last time he voted for himself.

“I’m being completely honest”, Biden said, “nobody has a right, in my view, to seek that office unless they are willing to give it 110 percent of who they are”.

But what if Biden does get in the race? The window for Democrats is closing much more quickly than that, and it might have already slammed shut for Joe Biden, whether he and his party realize it or not. He occupies the same centrist, establishment lane in the party that Clinton does.

If Biden opts to run, his approach the last seven years will create an awkward campaign.

But he hasn’t done any of the spadework necessary to raise money or build an organization.

So why now? Political analysts are eagerly putting Biden on the couch. Maybe its his son’s death.


The best guide to Biden’s thinking, several people close to him say, can be found by carefully studying his own words, rather than listening to the growing chatter about the possibility of his candidacy. Hobson also speaks with Democratic strategist Jeff Link.

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