Donald Trump becomes president of Canada in ‘South Park’ episode before being

Well, this week South Park raped and murdered Donald Trump.


Back in South Park, one of the Canadian refugees reveals the reason for their need to escape: During the last Canadian election, citizens voted for Trump in order to get laughs, only later realizing what a monster he was. “We all thought it was amusing”. Nobody thought he would really be the president, he was a joke. It was a joke.

In the cartoon, Garrison has a violent approach to dealing with immigrants and goes into Canada seeking to kill any Canadian he meets, including Trump. Entertainment Weekly reported some of Mr. Garrison’s outlandish statements like, “F- them all to death”. But then again, there always are exceptions and this time the exception goes by the title “South Park”. The press predictably jumped to cover his tweet, creating yet another distraction from any real issues that Mr. Trump might be questioned about. Obviously, Mr. Garrison is at the helm of this movement. When asked what should be done about the illegal immigrants, Garrison replies, “I propose we f*** them all to death”.

It is South Park, after all.

Before the episode even aired, many Twitter users have claimed that they would move to Canada if Trump was elected president.

In South Park’s first take-down of Donald Trump as a presidential hopeful, the billionaire candidate becomes the chief executive of Canada – only to ruin the country before he is raped and killed.

Taking his presidential campaign up a notch, Mr Garrison selected Caitlyn Jenner as his running mate.

The rest of the episode tackles Trump’s xenophobic immigration policies by turning Mr. Garrison into a similarly outrageous and ignorant activist.

But while the subject matter was certainly shocking, the Internet reacted in excited uproar, delighted that the show had tackled two huge celebrity stories on one episode.


The Trump-like and Garrison get into a physical fight because the president is mad someone got over his wall. When he is about to make one of his customary “moral of the story” speeches he is met with the judgemental stares of Eric Cartman and many others who blame him for undocumented immigration.

To add insult to injury they also made him Canadian. Still taken from the video