Donald Trump: Border Patrol Agents Unable to Enforce Lax Immigration Laws

Interestingly, Jindal, who is trailing at the bottom in most of the opinion polls and enjoys support of less than 1 per cent in CNN’s recent poll, was himself born three months after his pregnant mother came to the US from India. Is it really wise to double down on deportation efforts while simultaneously telling all these people “oh, by the way, do anything you want while we keep trying – rape, murder, anything goes – after all, you’re not within our jurisdiction, so there’s not a thing we can do about it?” Bush is the “only candidate in the presidential field who has put forward a serious, conservative, comprehensive set of solutions to fix our broken immigration system”. “We need somebody that’s going to make it perform well, this country perform well”.


Stephanopoulos asked Trump if he expects “neighbors to start turning in neighbors”.

“Certainly I would take contributions, I actually like the idea of investing in a campaign”, Trump said.

“The idea of, you know, building a wall, kicking everybody out, and ending birthright citizenship all sounds appealing in some respects to some folks. We are going to mobilize that community”. “We have no choice”.

And the 2,000-plus people who heard him speak at the Birch Run Expo Center just north of Flint loved it.

“If we could get 12 million people to leave, why don’t we just do that now?”

Many live along the I-75 corridor, which was devastated by the loss of good-paying auto jobs to lower-wage places, such as Mexico and to foreign competition. I don’t like that he hasn’t talked about deportation, and I am frustrated a fellow Harvard Law grad doesn’t see that the 14th amendment doesn’t prohibit an act of Congress keeping illegal children from becoming citizens.

Christie, however, dismissed Trump’s plan during an appearance on “Face the Nation”.

“I think all things are possible”. As Trump did, Bush will meet with local officials to discuss immigration policy and border security during his one-day trip. They reject the conventional wisdom of party moderates that voters will punish candidates with far-right views on immigration. “They can’t execute on anything”.

Business mogul Donald Trump has repeatedly bemoaned the supposed influx of undocumented immigrants migrating across the border, calling them “rapists” and “criminals” and last week, advocating for an end to birthright citizenship. “His plan stands in stark contrast to the $500 billion+ plan offered by Donald Trump“, it said.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas said enforcing existing immigration laws would solve the problem without having to amend the Constitution, a process he said would take years to accomplish. “But it has to be no strings attached”. “But the truth of the matter is that that’s not something we should be being focused on”. He said the issue is “an applause line”.


That appears to be a position shift for Christie. He claims that birthright citizenship is a seductive magnet for the undocumented – the old “anchor baby” argument – but again the facts belie the claim.

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