Donald Trump compared to Zuma on the Daily Show

Just as USA voters evolved in electing the nation’s first African-American president in 2008, Trevor Noah said on Thursday’s Daily Show, they should do the same in 2016 and elect its first African president – Donald Trump. “But I don’t learn about the bio-metics”. We can only express our grief for the people who were lost.


“Give a thumbprint when you come in, goes in a database”, Christie said of those entering the country on limited-stay visas like a student or tourist visa.

And the cost? Noah cited an estimate establishing and maintaining a biometric system could cost as much as $7 billion.

According to Noah, however, Trump is perfectly presidential – though only in an African context.

During his conversation with new Daily Show host Trevor Noah, a South African immigrant, Christie talked about how tough he’d be on immigration.

Perhaps taking a dig at Trump, the most popular non-candidate candidate, and his appearance on The Daily Show will put him at the adults table during the next debate.


Christie finally got the chance to dish on his presidential campaign plan, including increasing the retirement age, curbing social security checks and having to work with Democrats.

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