Donald Trump Hijacks The 2016 Election News Cycle By Phone

On Donald Trump, Florida Republicans agree about this: His unscripted, anti-politician style is connecting with people fed up with scripted politicians.


Trump on Tues. morning in an interview on CNN’s “New Day” proclaimed in that he’s “the most fabulous whiner” when confronted with an opinion piece in that blamed him using the same label.

Donald Trump stuck to his guns on Tuesday, telling CNN’s Chris Cuomo he didn’t do anything wrong by saying blood was coming out of Megyn Kelly’s “wherever”. But Trump, as Trump always reminds us, is leading in all the polls. “I’ve been working with government all my life – that’s what I do”.

“By Trump’s own account, he’s the baddest, smartest thing going, except if you ask him a challenging question, in which case he kicks and screams and demands to know how anyone could treat him so unfairly”, Lowry wrote. “I have to keep in that door open ’cause if something happens where I’m not treated fairly I may very well use in that door”. He is still refusing to rule out running as an independent candidate in November 2016, despite an ABC News report on Monday.

On his conversation with Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, Trump said the two cleared the air and he has no problem with Fox.

Donald Trump answers a question at last week’s GOP debate.

Meanwhile, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who sparred with Trump during last week’s debate, also blasted the Republican frontrunner during a conference call with supporters on Monday.

“He’s probably right, I am the most fabulous whiner”.

Trump’s antics throughout final week’s debate haven’t but harm him in polls, nor has the struggle with moderator Megyn Kelly. “He is the one who has to apologize to ladies”, Trump stated. He said that while his constituents were horrified by Trump’s comments about former POW John McCain, the depth of their frustration with politics-as-usual is much greater.

“I would go in and I’d take the oil and I’d put troops to protect the oil”, Trump said.

Trump said if he were president, the Iran deal would have been “a hundred times better”. “The abortion aspect of Planned Parenthood should not be funded”.

When this was interpreted as a reference to her menstrual cycle, Trump objected that there was no way he possibly could say something so crude – all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.


A network source involved in setting up one of Trump’s Sunday media appearances – speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the matter candidly – said the network would prefer to have Trump on camera, but if the only way to get him is by phone, then that would simply have to do.

AUG. 6 2015