Donald Trump’s presidency draws all round criticism

For more than 15 months, Donald Trump and his administration have refused to publicly condemn the systematic torture, abuse, and murder of LGBTQ people occurring in Chechnya as Vladimir Putin has licensed the violence to continue.


He has rejected the fundamental premises of American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War and blamed our wretched relations with Russian Federation, not on Vladimir Putin, but squarely on the US establishment.

Talking to the media before the one-on-one summit with Putin, Trump did not mention Russia’s meddling in the United States election. As such, his extraordinary performance on Monday fueled criticism of his presidency from both the right and left.

Sure enough, critics and even some usually reliable defenders were quick to pounce.

Senior Republican Senator John McCain called the joint press conference “disgraceful” and a “low point” for the USA presidency.

“The information that I am aware of, there’s nothing false about it”, Putin said, without directly answering the question.

U.S. President Donald Trump (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin attend a joint press conference in Helsinki, Finland, on July 16, 2018. The investigation, which is also examining whether the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow, has also resulted in charges against several former Trump campaign officials.

When asked by CNBC Monday if he was concerned by the pattern of suspicious deaths in the United Kingdom which some say are proof Britain has become a killing ground for the state-sanctioned elimination of enemies of the Russian government, Browder said that he is taking precautions but that there is nothing he can really do to stop a “government-sponsored terrorist attack”.

Yes. And I’m not saying they didn’t interfere with the election.

Republican politicians in the United States have joined the Democrats and intelligence officials in denouncing President Donald Trump’s failure to challenge Russian President Vladimir Putin over interference in the U.S. elections, calling his response as “shameful” and “disgraceful”.

Chuck Hagel, a former senator and defense secretary, said that Trump “failed America” in the press conference.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has appealed to both Mr Trump and Mr Putin to eliminate the Iranian presence, which the Jewish state regards as an existential threat.

Was it USA complicity in the Kiev coup that ousted the elected pro-Russian regime that caused Putin to seize Crimea to hold onto Russia’s Black Sea naval base at Sevastopol?

In the 32-minute interview with Fox, Putin said Russian Federation had no interest in Mr. Trump before he launched his bid for the presidency.

“That was a clean campaign, I beat Hillary Clinton easily”, he said at another. “We won that race and it’s a shame that there can be even a little bit of a cloud over it”, he said.

Trump had congratulated his opposite number on Russia’s successful hosting of the competition, which came to a climax on Sunday a day before the Helsinki summit.

But Trump, convinced his unique brand of diplomacy could make inroads with Putin, pressed ahead and looked forward to “having an extraordinary relationship” as the pair sat down to discuss the global hotspots. And with Putin’s experience as a trained KGB officer, experts warned that the Russian leader could easily manipulate the USA president.


Hundreds of people also marched through the streets of the Finnish capital, demonstrating against Trump and Putin’s presence in the country. “He and Putin seemed to be speaking from the same script as the president made a conscious choice to defend a tyrant against the fair questions of a free press, and to grant Putin an uncontested platform to spew propaganda and lies to the world”. In fact, Trump welcomed a surprise offer by Putin to help in the investigation. “I repudiate Russia’s effort.and call on all Americans to do the same”. In Ukraine, US policy remains opposed to Russia’s intervention in the country’s east and the annexation of Crimea.

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