Donald Trump Says Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina’s Face Makes Her

After the debate, he said moderator Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever”. We’re exhausted with this nice stuff. “I’m talking about her persona”.


She strode across the stage and looked out into the crowd of 600 women.

To date, however, Mr. Trump believes he’s been in the right.

“There is a danger that if we continue to laud so much attention on basically someone whose level of discourse is that of junior high, I think there’s a problem, there’s a great risk for the country“, Paul said.

NBC officially dropped him over remarks he made about illegal immigrants during his announcement speech.

Trump did, during an interview with “Fox and Friends” Thursday morning, modify his comments about Fiorina slightly.

They cheered his promise to cut taxes for the middle class and raise taxes on wealthy “hedge fund managers”. But as long as it remains splintered among the establishment, the former this, the former that, two-term governors and Senators, then there’s going to be Trump, obviously, and Carson leading the field. Trump said of Fiorina.

He said his wife and daughter have encouraged him to speak more about “womens health issues, because they know how strongly and committed I am to it.”. Do you think this could be another turning point? “Beating her in a debate would be one of the easiest challenges of my life”.

The spark was an interview published Wednesday by Rolling Stone, in which Trump said Fiorina’s face would make her unelectable. On Saturday, Trump’s campaign was soaring while Perry’s White House ambitions were dead. Well, you know what? During last month’s GOP debate he was asked about calling some women “fat pigs” and “disgusting animals”, and said he couldn’t remember using such words.

Along with facing Trump, Fiorina will be debating nine other men, including Bush, Cruz, Carson and Marco Rubio.

The chorus of anti-Trump Republicans now includes Bush, Jindal, Kentucky Sen.

Here’s a look at his most recent controversies – the ones in which many, including members of his own party – either distanced themselves or called on him to apologize, and how he handled it and somehow managed to come through unscathed. “He doesn’t care if he makes people mad, which I think is important”. But the day also featured an escalation of criticism from Trumps detractors in both parties, who seem be multiplying. He planned to talk with lawyers to “see what the law says we can do with this money”.


Trump left Boone, headed to Ames for tailgating before the Iowa/Iowa State football game. “I’m not at all (worried)”, Trump said in Iowa. “…Everybody fully understands that”.

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