Donald Trump Still So Obsessed With Megyn Kelly

Mr Trump said Ms Kelly, who returned to her show on Monday after a break, “must have had a awful vacation” because “she’s really off her game”.


But now that Megyn Kelly of Fox News is back from vacation, Republican front-runner Donald Trump has wasted no time taking aim and firing. Trump also retweeted a message calling her a “bimbo”.

“The press is trying to create a story by reporting rumors and hearsay”, he said in a statement, citing a state law that would already bar Trump or any Republican presidential primary candidate from running on any other party’s line in the general election.

Ailes’s statement is the first time the Fox News chairman has publicly reacted to Trump’s dispute with Kelly, which began in earnest earlier this month when Trump described Kelly’s tough line of questioning during the first GOP presidential debate.

I would take carried interest out, and I would let people making hundreds of millions of dollars-a-year pay some tax, because right now they are paying very little tax and I think it’s outrageous”, Trump said.

“Hopefully sooner or later I might be confirmed improper and she is going to be capable of elevate her requirements to a degree of professionalism that a community resembling Fox deserves”, Trump stated. Her fellow anchor and co-host for debate Bret Baier revealed his thoughts on the issue on the said microblogging site. Kelly asked Trump a series of questions he later described as unfair, including one about derogatory comments he has made toward women. He again retweets comments that call Kelly a “bimbo”.

“As far as I was concerned, during the debate, she asked questions that were totally inappropriate”, Trump told Lauer.

On Monday night Kelly says on her program that she won’t apologize for “doing good journalism”. It was a seamless continuation of the attacks he started immediately after the August 6 Republican debate, when Kelly challenged Trump on past sexism. I’m OK with it. You’ve seen my statements, I do very well, I don’t mind paying some taxes. “She should probably apologize to me, but I just don’t care”. “What would a president Cruz do?” she asked.

But Trump denied to Lauer that Kelly has somehow bothered him to an extreme level.

With every new poll, Trump’s support numbers seem to go up.


His words prompted a feud with Fox News and led to Trump being disinvited from a conservative forum, the RedState Gathering.

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