Donald Trump Turns Conservatives Into Liberal PC Word Police

The Republican National Committee, treading carefully about the current front-runner for the 2016 nomination, called on Trump to “immediately clarify” his comment and said it would “highly inappropriate” if Trump stood by his remarks.


On Saturday morning at his annual RedState Gathering, one of the nation’s most influential conservatives took the stage to deliver news that could change the course of the presidential race.

It nearly goes without saying that Fox’s tough questioning of Trump made for good TV, which showed in the ratings.

“Mr. Trump is touching a nerve”, said Ohio Governor John Kasich, “because people want the wall to be built”.

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes”, he told CNN’s Don Lemon on Friday night.

WERTHEIMER: So, Mr. Erickson, what’s been the reaction at your event to your decision to disinvite the Donald? That actually surprised me.

WERTHEIMER: NPR senior editor and correspondent Ron Elving, thank you very much. “They need to learn English, adopt values, roll up their sleeves and get to work”, he said. They got that he didn’t walk it back. If they show him waving his arms and ranting, they get viewers. They applauded.

Kelly challenged Trump on some of his past comments about women.

WERTHEIMER: You had to apologize to former Justice David Souter.

Baier said making sure each candidate received equal time was of paramount importance to him: “I’ll be honest, when I’m sitting on that set I just was concerned about making sure about getting to everybody equally”, he said. Citing the example of his own grandfather who was not allowed to come to the US from Italy even though his son was in the country, Santorum said that America is a country of laws and not of “people who do whatever they want to do”. Because our leaders are stupid.

“I think it’s going to happen more with a whimper than a bang when Trump falls”, said Sununu. What I say is what I say.

The statement also called Erickson “a total loser”.

The event’s organizer, radio host Erick Erickson, offered similar sentiments when he booted Trump after his statements on CNN. But he turned up the tone on Friday when he told CNN that Kelly ‘is just somebody I didn’t have a lot of respect for.’. “I didn’t think they were appropriate”. It’s not common decency to accuse a reporter, well, you’re on a menstrual cycle because you asked him a tough question. The critics – the professional punditry, political class, and professoriate – generally care about things the average Joe doesn’t: politically correct posturing, Washington pedigree, and well-oiled campaign-trail salesmanship. It’s just rude.

He’s been levelling insults at network personalities since then, with those directed at female co-moderator Megyn Kelly crude enough to prompt a backlash from other Republicans. Trump is the guy who thinks the sun revolves around the earth.


Accusing Obama of talking about immigration as a “wedge issue” for the last six years, Bush said as the next President, he “will fix this once and for all so that we can turn this into a driver for high sustained economic growth”.

RedState editor-in-chief Erick Erickson greets GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on Saturday at the Red State Gathering in Atlanta