Dr. Dre Addresses Allegations Of Abuse Of Women

“Straight Outta Compton”, the highly-anticipated biopic about gangsta rap pioneers N.W.A., has received mostly positive reviews and has been bolstered by a marketing campaign that included Dre’s first new album in 15 years, titled “Compton“.


There is a scene in the movie where Ice Cube tells a reporter that N.W.A’s music and lyrics are a reflection of their reality.

AC: Thanks so much for your time Marlon and best of luck with the movie! “We couldn’t get everything in”.

Uniformed Los Angeles police officers maintained a visible presence outside the Compton premiere and its after-party next door.

His appearance on Compton: A Soundtrack has cemented his place in the history of West Coast hip-hop. What guided you in the direction of acting and out of curiosity, what team do you follow these days in the NFL?

“Imagine this”, Dr. Dre says.

He also revealed what Dre said to him after their first meeting. Just because you record music or write about recorded music doesn’t mean you can’t be starstruck or geeked over the presence of perceived greatness. I’ve had a studio in my house my whole life.

CP: You mentioned Dr. Dre and, before your father’s passing, he famous made amends with Dre and Ice Cube.

“Part of the reason why we picked Jason was because of his background”.

“World’s most risky group – a group that made it all right for artists to be totally themselves“, said Cube. It still provokes the same energy that it did back then. “N.W.A. was a group that was about honesty and truth”.

We recently spoke to Eazy E’s daughter E.B. Wright, who has a new EP, We Want E.B., coming out in late September. “So you’re not not all police are bad?” asks Arsenio.


According to CSN Bay Area, Cube even taped a personal message for the Raiders, before they sat back and got to watch the movie. We presented it in a way that you could digest, comprehend and sympathize with what we were going through. “We were living in the middle of dope dealing, gangbanging, police brutality, f*cking Reaganomics, and there was nowhere to escape”.

The album cover for NWA and the Posse was shot in an alleyway adjacent to a Hollywood record studio.    LA Weekly