Dr Dre to donate royalties from new album to charity

Fans didn’t forget about Dr. Dre: They’ve been waiting for new music from the hip-hop legend for 16 years!Compton: A Soundtrack will be released this Friday, August 7.


In the coming months, details about the project will be released, said a spokeswoman for Mayor Aja Brown, whom he’s been with working closely for a couple months.

BILLIONAIRE RAPPER Dr Dre will donate royalties from his new album to the city of Compton, California, for a new performing arts facility.

If you remember four years ago Dre was set to release his album “Detox” and he even dropped the single, “I Need A Doctor” which featured Eminem and Skyler Gray.

Described as “cofounding and enthralling”, “Compton” features old school rappers (Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Ice Cube) and rising stars like Kendrick Lamar and Marsha Ambrosius. But Dr. Dre told the radio show host the previous album which had been a work in progress since early 2000 will never see a release date as he felt it was not good enough.

He of course will premiere the album on Apple Music tonight by playing the album on repeat. Dre called the album his “grand finale”.

Brown lauded Dre for his decision to help out the community.

DR DRE is funding a new arts centre in “Compton” with royalties from his new album. “Point of fact, the vast majority of the verses are composed by us three”. Some critics questioned why Dre did not give money to historically black colleges or schools in Compton. King Mez and Justus), “Genocide” (feat. “I don’t want to go out and get the new hot artist that’s out right now just to put it on my album and help it sell”, he said in an Interview on Beats 1.


Regarding why he put the kibosh on Detox, Dre explained on The Pharmacy that it wasn’t up to snuff. Compton is a special place and I believe this center will harness our ingenuity and transform our community from within for generations to come. “I just wasn’t feeling it”.

Legendary American rapper and producer Dr Dre has dropped a hot new album titled'Compton- 16 years since his last solo release