Dr Dre to release first album in 15 years

In an article by Entertainment Weekly, it was revealed that Dr. Dre’s new album will only be available on iTunes and Apple Music.


Previously, Dre had spoken on various occasions that his third (and final) album would titled The Detox, which had been in the works since 2001 and had grown into a mythical release of Chinese Democracy style proportions. He is credited as a prominent figure in the popularization of West Coast G-funk style rap music.

50-year old Dr Dre (Andre Romelle Young) is the founder of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics. Kendrick Lamar is on the record, Eminem is on the record, Snoop Dogg is on the record. RottenTomatoes so far has it rated at 90% and Variety called it “a feast for hip-hop connoisseurs and novices alike”. Occasionally there were rumours of his next album being released since mid-2000s, with The Game calling Dre “the best rapper, who only releases an album every 7 years”. He also landed a Grammy Award for the single Let Me Ride.

With Meek Mill’s allegations that Drake doesn’t pen his own lyrics, this topic has become a hot one of late.

Other rappers have also collaborated in a few of the album’s songs. He says that the idea for the album came as he was leaving the movie set, so he started working on it immediately. Dre was ranked by Rolling Stone at 56 on their list of 100 Greatest Artists of All-Time.

The official revelation regarding the new album date was done during Dr. Dre’s Beat 1 radio show: The Pharmacy on Saturday.

As a producer alongside fellow member Ice Cube, Dre has been busy bringing to life the story of their battle to break away from their violent backgrounds and to earn success in a white dominated music industry.

The album will feature an expected buttload of feechs, including Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Ice Cube, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg and a dozen or so more.


Dr. Dre. indicated that the album would be his last, writing on Twitter that it was “my grand finale”.

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