Drake Slams Meek Mill In SECOND Diss Track “Back To Back”

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On early Wednesday morning, around 5:00 Toronto, the chart-topping rapper formerly known as Aubrey Graham released the track “Back to Back Freestyle” to his SoundCloud. He stated that “You still haven’t done sh*t about the other one”, due to Meek Mill not responding to his previous diss track, and then launches into a vicious tirade, stating “Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?”

But Drake’s biggest biggest burn comes when he talks about Mill being the opening act for Nicki Minaj.

Take a listen to the “Back To Back” freestyle below. Drake also says other rappers are having trouble “going gold”, and Meek Mill is just becoming another “so-and-so that no one knows”.

Addressing Mill’s ghost writing claims, Drake raps: “I’m not really sure what made ya’ll mad, but I guess this is what I got to do to make ya’ll rap?” You may have thought Meek would have responded by now, and if that’s the case you are not alone.

This week, Drake’s highly anticipated diss track hit the internet, with a resoundingly quiet thud. The victory gave the Blue Jays back-to-back Series titles.

Drake is featured on Meeks’ “Dreams Worth More Than Money” in the track “R.I.C.O.”, which is now No. 16 on this week’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Meek wrote: “Stop comparing drake to me too…”

Mill later claimed that the person who ghostwrote for Drake was an Atlanta rapper named Quentin Miller. Meek’s only response to the track was a tweet calling it “baby lotion soft”.

Meek’s accusations that Drake employed a ghostwriter were met with Drizzy’s first response, “Charged Up“, which, to be honest, was quite the opposite.


Now that Drake has brought up the 1993 Phillies, are we all at war?

Meek Mill and Drake’s rap war goes to new heights with the early morning release of “Back to Back.”