Dramatic footage shows officer pull man from auto moments before train hits

A sheriff’s deputy was able to pull a driver from a auto moments before it was hit by a train in Northern California, according to video of a train collision posted online. They pulled him from the auto and when he stumbled and fell, they dragged him to safety just as Caltrain No. 385 barreled through the intersection, smashing into the pinned vehicle.


Crews were repairing the broken crossing arm and pole as of late Monday night. One removed the driver from the auto while the other ran on to the tracks to notify the oncoming train.

They ran to the rescue, The New York Daily News reported, arriving at the scene to find a vehicle stuck under the gate and a train quickly approaching. The deputies saved that driver’s life with only seconds to spare.

Caltrain spokesperson Jayme Ackemann said she was grateful the driver was rescued. Paulo Coelho via YouTube The collision smashed the hood of the auto.

“These deputies did not hesitate, they acted”.


Whitted and Rueppel are both experienced deputies assigned to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office transit police bureau, which serves the Caltrain line from San Francisco to Gilroy and the municipal bus system in San Mateo County. “You just do things as safe as you can, respond and that’s it. It kind of just happens”, Rueppel said. The driver escaped with minor injuries and no one on the commuter train was hurt.

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