Driver stand-off holds up traffic for 40 minutes

This is the shocking footage captured as two Mercedes drivers refuse to back down in an astonishing stand-off which left traffic queuing for more than 40 minutes.


The woman, who was clearly annoyed by the man’s driving, proceeded to stand her ground so he could not pass.

The man does not appear to speak during the video, but the woman can occasionally be heard defiantly responding to angry onlookers.

The cars blocked a tunnel on Forlease Road when an older man did not give way to an oncoming female driver.

One way roads are a common occurrence in towns and streets around the United Kingdom and traffic typically resolves itself if right of way issues occur.

Motorists and passers-by attempt to convince both drivers to reverse, but neither side gives in. For some reason, the elderly gentleman in the silver Mercedes had the convenient excuse of not being able to reverse while the lady in her Mercedes refused to budge.

Another woman tells the woman driving the convertible: “My teenager daughter and her friend are walking home, and if anything happens to her it will be your fault”.

The man who had previously argued with the woman then approaches the elderly man’s auto and asks other people to help him guide the driver out of the tunnel.

This motorist was trying to reason with the two drivers during the whole ordeal.

The video concludes with the man eventually managing to reverse out of the tunnel in a straight line and the motorists returning to their vehicles.

The elderly man eventually backed out, but not before nearly hitting the wall of the tunnel.


Police say they were made aware of the incident, but were informed that the road was cleared before they had the chance to arrive.

Driver stand-off holds up traffic for 40 minutes