Drunk British tourists go skinny dipping in Rome fountain

According to police, the group stripped nude and dived into the fountain at around 6am on Sunday morning.


Six British tourists have been charged with indecent exposure after jumping naked into one of Rome’s historic fountains.

The tourists were fined €169 each for entering the fountain’s waters and now face charges of engaging in obscene acts in a public place.

The tourists were all from an environmental development firm, Environmental Dimension Partnership and had reportedly been drinking heavily. “They were completely naked, the men, with their genitals on show, and the women were just running around topless”, they told the Daily Mail.

“One of them was very young and blonde – quite attractive”.

Another bystander, who worked in the area, said: “They were there for about half an hour singing and shouting”.

Police charged the six tourists, who ranged in age from 25 to 49, with indecent exposure and for jumping into the monument.

They were allowed to return to the United Kingdom on Sunday, where some are likely to have some explaining to do to their wives and partners.


Video footage of the tourists – four men and two women – has been put on the MailOnline website, which quotes witness saying the scene at the fountain of the Naiads was “hugely entertaining” to watch.

Tourists Charged with Obscenity After Skinny Dipping in Roman Fountain