Dutch teenager becomes second bungee jumper to die in Spain

It is thought the girl was attempting to try “puenting”, in which the jumper is attached to two cords then swings from the bridge.


According to Spanish media, this happened in a bungee jump accident in northern Spain.

Authorities in the Cantabria region said the teenager plunged 130 feet from a bridge over the Cedeja river, though the cause of her fall has not yet been determined. The teen, who has not been publicly identified, fell 131 ft.

The head of the local police in Cabezon de la Sal, Joaquin Gonzalez, told local newspaper El Diario Montanes that he had no idea bungee jumping took place in the vicinity because it was extremely risky.

An initial investigation shows she was not fully secured when she jumped. The police note that emergency personnel were sent to the seen in a bid to save the young girl’s life. On July 21, a 23-year-old British woman died after bungee-jumping from a bridge close to the southern city of Granada.


Prior to that, the last bungee jumping fatality on record was Robledo de Chavela, 48, who was killed during a jump near Madrid in 2013. The adventure sports monitor and the group’s owner were accused of negligent homicide in the case.

There have been two fatal bungee jumping accidents in Spain in less than a month