DynCorp names three US employees killed in Afghanistan blast

Importantly, Ghani and Abdullah have made clear the commitment of Afghanistan to the U.S. relationship, including in combating terror and violent extremism. “But Sutton felt that the much larger salary could bring his daughters Summer, Erin, and Kaitlin a brighter future”, the report continued. “He did not want to be in the Pentagon in an office”.


President Obama has reportedly asked U.S. Gen. John F. Campbell, the top commander of American and global forces in Afghanistan, to reassess the situation on the ground after the 2015 fighting season, the first with the Afghan forces supposedly in the lead.

According to DynCorp, McEvoy served as program manager for the Afghan military and police mentoring program. These insurgents, in the meantime, have stepped up assaults on Afghan safety forces.

A North Brookfield veteran killed Saturday during a bombing attack in Afghanistan was working for a defense contractor at the time of his death.

Proctor said her son leaves four siblings in addition to his wife, Kathleen, who lived with him in Peachtree City, Ga., and his children, Michelle, 32, and Patrick, 25.

“Impunity is basically the theme, unfortunately”, said Patricia Gossman, a researcher at Human Rights Watch. “The message is ‘You will get away with [this],’ somewhat than ‘You ought not to do that'”.

“There’s been a lot of training, there’s no question”. “It was getting so bad”.

He joined the Afghan security institutions and top government officials for blaming Pakistan’s military intelligence for the ongoing violence in the country.

Now he is main a small group of legal professionals who work intently with officers at Afghanistan’s Ministries of Protection and Inside, his cadre of civilian attorneys touring via Kabul on foot in battle gear or in armored convoys for conferences. When Afghan investigators run into issues with a case, his employees can be found to assist troubleshoot.

The district governor in Musa Qala called on Monday for more military support to stop the town falling back into the hands of the Taliban, who occupied it for months until a 2007 battle that involved thousands of troops.

“The vast majority of them take the Islamic view that the people they meet on the battlefield, even though they’re enemies, they’re Muslim brothers”, Chitwood said. He said tackling corruption is a greater challenge.

Taliban and al-Qaeda have surged an episodic insurgency in Afghanistan for over a decade; and now few months ago another group by the name of Daesh affiliating itself with the Islamic State, a terrorist group from Iraq and Syria, has started to emerge in parts of the country and carrying out some of the most brutal executions. Shakedowns by police and contracting fraud within the army stay commonplace. He was thoughtful. He was kind.


Chitwood said the new security responsibilities thrust upon the Afghan forces have heightened the risks of unchecked graft.

3 dead in Afghanistan attack