Egypt’s Brotherhood Says They Will Remain Nonviolent

2013-08-20T074922Z_01_AMR050_RTRIDSP_3_EGYPT-PROTESTSWith their spiritual leader arrested, many felt that the Brotherhood, Egypt’s violent group, was going to retaliate. However, they have revealed that they are not planning to react violently. Mohammed Badie, a professor and leader of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, was arrested after the deaths of 1,000 citizens were the cause of the fighting. The 70-year-old man is standing accused of running the campaign of Mohamed Morsi when he was president. This claim is backed by others as well and this is simply why there is a quarrel between the sides.


The Brotherhood was charged weeks ago for inciting violence, but it wasn’t until now that police are doing something about it. It was revealed that the Brotherhood renounced violence more than a decade ago and that they don’t resort to violence to solve their problems. However, many would disagree. Supporters of the Brotherhood are upset and are more likely to attack. Islamists living in Egypt were hit with a blow to their way of living when it was reveled that Hosni Mubarak, the country’s former autocratic ruler, is to be released from jail soon.

The killing of 36 Islamist detainees has sparked hatred in the eyes of the supporters when the detainees tried to escape their captors. Baqeri_d20130815084334170This is all being justified as an act of fighting terrorism against Islam. Since Wednesday, 1,000 citizens and dozens of members of the security forces have died and the protest camps that they raided held by Islamist groups in Cairo are the culprit. Everyone feels that the Brotherhood is simply playing a ruse to trick the government into lowering its guard. However, they are a lot smarter than that and they know that they have to be at their most attentive awareness.


The struggle doesn’t seem like it is going to be ending soon and it is frightening to a lot of citizens to have to wait and see what the outcome will be. The daily protests seem to have some affect on some, but for the most part of it all, it is simply just ensuing more violence. As of right now, the government is in the process of talking about banning the Brotherhood. However, the State Department cautioned against such a move as it could mean that they would fall deeper into the crisis and not be able to get themselves out of it when they want. Whatever the outcome, many know that this is not going to be a non-violent approach as the Brotherhood is claiming.