Eight Inmates Escape Prison Van Because Driver Leaves Key In Ignition

How many times has it happened that you have left behind your keys in the ignition of your vehicle? Surely, for most of you the answer would be once if not more than that. Well a van driver committed this same innocent mistake, after all to err is human, the only problem is that it was a prison van and there were inmates still sitting in it. As you might have already guessed, the inmates made off with the van. Thankfully, the inmates were soon caught and sent back to prison.


Many of you might be curious as to what exactly transpired that led to the driver leaving the van in the first place. Well as it turns out eleven out-of-state prisoners were being transported to a prison in Oklahoma when on the way one or two of the prisoners claimed that they were feeling ill. The van as a result was diverted to a nearby hospital. Three inmates went in the hospital along with the driver of the van and while going in, the driver committed the blunder we talked about in the beginning.

Escaped Prisoners

In fact, it would amaze you to know that the whole thing might not have been a mistake after all. It seems, the driver left the keys in the ignition and left the engine on, so the air-conditioning would protect the inmates from the sweltering heat outside. It seems like the driver is a good-hearted man, but not the sharpest knife in the drawer or maybe he forgot, who he was extending such a courtesy to. Apparently, the driver thought the security partition would be strong enough to hold the prisoners in their place. But, the prisoners proved him wrong by kicking down the partition and accessing the driver’s section of the vehicle.


The poor driver came out and was flabbergasted when he saw the van missing. The driver rushed in to inquire if someone from the hospital had moved it or if anyone knew what had exactly happened. The van was then apprehended a mile away with 6 prisoners still handcuffed inside, but two had escaped. The two inmates were later spotted hiding in the backyard of someone’s house and arrested. The PTS (Prison Transport Services) has refused to make any comments on the whole issue.