El Faro believed to have sunk, one body found

The agency is working under an agreement with the Coast Guard to conduct an independent investigation of the accident, though the Coast guard will participate.


The El Faro and its equally aged sister vessel were being replaced on the Jacksonville-to-Puerto Rico run by two brand-new ships capable of carrying much more cargo and emitting less pollution. Its crew reported Thursday morning that the ship had lost power and taken on water, and was listing to one side.

The search for survivors from a missing cargo ship goes on into the night, but so far, crews have found only one body.

“Before you come here you think about what you want to do in the future and prepare for it I guess”, another cadet said.

Other NTSB experts will help families of those who were on board, Dinh-Zarr said.

The U.S. Coast Guard said its air and sea crews had yet to locate any survivors from the El Faro.

The captain of the 790-foot El Faro planned to bypass Hurricane Joaquin as he sailed from Jacksonville toward Puerto Rico, but a few kind of mechanical failure left the USA container ship with 33 people aboard helplessly and tragically adrift in the path of the powerful storm, the vessel’s owners say.

There was no more contact with the ship after that and there has been no sign of it or its crew.

The ship was carrying 391 containers “so it had a lot of topside height to it where the winds and waves could hit it”, Fedor said. “Like everyone in Maine, I continue to hold out hope that the crew members may be safely brought home”, King said.

“We do not know when his engine problems began to occur, nor the reasons for his engine problems”, Greene told the Associated Press.

On Sunday evening, The Coast Guard reported a debris field stretching across the near-Atlantic for over 225 miles.

Cummings said Jordan loves his church, family and the sea. The crew are qualified members of the Seaman’s global Union and the American Maritime Officers (SIU and AMO), TOTE said.

Phil Greene, president and CEO of Tote Services Inc., said the captain had a plan to sail ahead of Hurricane Joaquin with room to spare. The ship has not been heard from since it lost power days ago and was taking on water in fierce seas churned up by Hurricane Joaquin.

The U.S. Coast Guard confirmed a missing cargo ship sank during Hurricane Joaquin’s heavy rain and wind in the Bermuda Triangle.

Murphy said that one of the academy’s graduates was aboard the ship.

Records show that the U.S. National Hurricane Center issued a warning about the likelihood of Joaquin becoming a hurricane at 5 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, however, almost three hours before El Faro left port.

It has emerged that the Poles were not officially members of the El Faro crew, but were acting as supporting crew-members.

“He would cook. He’d do whatever else was needed on the ship”, she said.


According to NBC News, at least six of the 28 Americans on board have been identified.

Life ring from El Faro found