Ellen Page credits ‘Freeheld’ with helping her come out, has dealt with

Julianne was cast as the cop early a year ago (14), and Ellen admits she was emotional as she realised they would finally be able to move Freeheld into production, thanks to the Still Alice actress’ star power.


As for any homophobia she has experienced, Page said “of course I deal with various degrees of homophobia in my life”, but nothing like Hester and Andree.

Hester famously challenged government officials and demanded pension benefits for Andree as she battled terminal lung cancer.

“LGBT people started to become more visible”, she said.

Speaking about life before coming out, she added: “I was sad, it is toxic and I wish that no-one would have to live that way”. “I’m gay! It was nice to fall in love with a person onscreen who is the kind of person that you’d fall in love with”. I do not like cops officers movies, I do not know, ‘ Director’s cut: The pair have been joined by director Peter Sollett to debate their new movieHowever she was moved by the plot. I’m a very privileged gay person and those who are affected the most in our community are the most vulnerable.

Page, 28, who came out gay previous year during a speech at an HRC-sponsored LGBT youth conference, told BuzzFeed News that she was inspired by the real-life people portrayed in the film.

Working on the movie was made all the more poignant for Ellen as she chose to “come out” as a lesbian just months before cameras started rolling.


However fortunately for fans of Julianne Moore, she modified her mind when she 1st read the script for Freeheld.The show star took to the stage alongside Ellen Page on promote their new film.

Ellen Page discusses being in the closet