Emotional Alek Skarlatos returns to ‘Dancing with the Stars’

The shooting affected his practice time and concentration on this week’s routine for Dancing With The Stars, Alek admitted prior to his performance. Anna has really done the best with him that she can, since he’s not really improving. Gary Busey and Anna Trebunskaya delivered a Jazz dance for a very less than stellar 16 score. “It’s where I felt like I belonged right now”. “Everything is absolutely and definitely Gary!” Bruno commented, “What a breakthrough!” “The fact that I’ve been eliminated is false because my spirit with Anna is a partnership that will remain in this ballroom”.


First Place, 28 points: Bindi & Derek. “I felt remorseful for not being there – not in the classroom essentially, but rather just not being with my group when it happened”. Although speaking of expression, Alex had literally none during his dance with Lindsay. And it got them a very nice 27 score. She cried as she recounted her blessings, including the blessing of being able to dance a rumba to her own song, “King”, on Dancing with the Stars. Andy’s told the story of his mother passing away due to breast cancer, and long story short, that’s how his actual professional musical career began to develop. The dance was sensational, passionate, and proof that she is only getting better with each passing week. Carrie Ann was brought to tears, and told Tamar she felt she’d reached into her soul through dance and storytelling; Julianne praised her for being vulnerable and free; and Bruno thought the couple’s connection was wired to perfection. She immediately went over to her husband. It was also a week full of announcements – Witney’s engaged! The town in general, everybody knows each other.

Skarlatos said although none of his friends were injured, “of course in a town of 20,000, everybody’s going to know at least somebody who was killed or wounded….they’ve pulled together beautifully”. Personally, I think it’s stupid to take celebs who are just beginning to trust their partners and themselves, and throw them in with someone else for just one week. Tamar Braxton – 27 out of 30 Tamar + Val + Rumba= Excellence. It’s honestly the strangest emotions I’ve ever felt because even the train made more sense than this does. It wasn’t until Bindi and Derek’s dance, the last one, that Julianne and Bruno cried.

“I had classes in Snyder Hall [the site of the shooting]”. Maybe the emotions of the night got to her?

Finally, the eliminated couple was…


He said his heart was with the people of Roseburg and he hoped to “do them proud” on the dance floor. This had nothing to do with his vehicle accident, but he managed to outlast a few dancers who were, practically speaking, better, because he let his characteristics and individual traits come through in each dance.

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