Empire Creator Confirms Young Cookie Spinoff Plans

Executive producer and co-creator Lee Daniels though said at the Television Critics’ Association press tour that the lineup of famous guest will eventually take a back seat soon.


That’s the Lyon family’ motto heading into Empire’s highly anticipated second season, with the epic family battle being teased in the first promo for the Fox hit’s September 23 return. On the day the Emmy nominations were announced last month, Daniels posted a video on his Instagram account in which he said “F- those motherf-er s!”

Creator Lee Daniels also spoke on the panel with Taraji. “Once you go to work, you just think about the stories you’re telling”.

Daniels seems to be in-touch with avoiding schtick, or at least he discussed making sure that the show’s guest stars don’t overshadow the primary plot.

There are no reports yet on when production on the spin-off series would commence since all of the members of the cast and crew are still busy working on season 2 of Empire.

Perhaps aware that stunt casting might turn out to be a distraction, Daniels said that the focus of the show would remain on the family. The Lyon family is ready to roar and business is about to turn personal in “Empire” Season 2. I happen to be gay. It is a truthful experience. “Prime-time network television has been so safe for so long, and I think that’s why Empire has had the impact that it has had-because it’s nearly the cable formula”. “I’m very excited that we are picked up”. (Though to be clear, Oprah and Denzel are not booked to appear on the show-yet).

Henson has been nominated for an Emmy for her role as Cookie in “Empire“.


Furthermore, Lucious also says he has always loved Cookie, which is so true, but once Lucious is out of jail, all hell is going to break loose. “We want to continue to make the audience gasp and laugh and scream and cry”, he said. Viewers can expect the first half of the season to contain 10 episodes with a remaining 8 to air in the Spring. “You’ll get a sense who it is that I am”, he said. They know what’s happening. “But Fox has put a schedule together that has made me less terrified”. “We have all of the energy that we had in the first season to make every episode great”.

'Empire' co-creator Daniels to create series pilot for Fox