Energy secretary says it’s ‘foolish’ to withdraw from Iran deal

They got the order from their Allah to go flood Europe as part of Islam’s grand plan to conquer the world while European politicians play the pity cords to their population and U.S., under Obama, is NEXT! Common sense and perhaps the Constitution dictate it should have been presented as a treaty.


The bill, drafted by Democratic Senator Ben Cardin from Maryland, will pave the way for new anti-Iran bans in case it is approved in the Senate, al-Monitor media website reported on Wednesday.

When the agreement was delivered to Congress, I read the classified portions of the deal. That way, he could veto a congressional vote of no confidence. “We should not let him penetrate because his enmity will not come to an end”, Khamenei said.

Obama won one more “victory”. That would mean that roughly 44 Senate Democrats voted for the legislation at that point in time. Holding out for a “better deal” risks triggering an Iranian attempt to break out to a nuclear weapon.

Those areas include bolstering Israel’s security, aggressively countering Iran’s activities in the region, and taking steps to address the many conflicts, some fueled by Iranian interference, that are destabilizing the Middle East. The opponents of the deal failed three times to gather the 60 votes needed for the resolution of disapproval in the 100-member chamber.

Officials have said Iran will be able to raise crude production by 600,000-1 million barrels per day within a period of six months after the removal of sanctions, but Zangeneh told CNN that he expects the figure will be higher. This could be beneficial to the United States as well as to the Iranian economy. He would have contended Congress can not overrule the “international community”. Putting aside all the arguments for and against the deal, these two facts say it all. On September 8, Sen. “And, make sure that they have the most sophisticated weapons to send a signal to Iran that we have Israel’s back“. It is evidently the growing Iranian financial support that is enabling the Lebanese Shiite militia to purchase advanced weapons, including ones that were hitherto outside of its reach.

The rest of the Security Council P5 as well as Germany and Iran are all signatories to the deal, but the main thing that leads us to hesitate is our relationship with Israel.

Those who opposed the deal have to move on to the new reality. Cory Booker of New Jersey called the agreement “dangerous” and “deeply flawed”.

When addressing a joint meeting of Congress earlier this year, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu argued passionately that as it pertains to ongoing negotiations with Iran over their pursuit of a nuclear weapon, “No deal is better than a bad deal”. Iran’s refusal to allow inspections of its military sites leaves opportunities for continued clandestine work on its nuclear program.

There are several ways this deal still could be undone. Barak commented on how President Barack Obama has remained loyal to this idea. A co-founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party, Kruiser often speaks to grassroots groups around America and has had the great honor of traveling around the world entertaining USA troops.

Recent statements by Iran’s top leadership cast doubt on the nuclear deal’s viability, even though the congressional effort to disapprove the deal appears dead in the water. That law requires the president to give Congress access to the entire agreement, specifically including “side agreements”.


Friday was the anniversary of an attack that should have awakened all Americans to the threat posed by those whose goal is to destroy America.

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