Enormous and beautiful Red Sprite Seen From Space

Plants are grown in expandable units that use red, green and blue LEDs to mimic sunlight and grow plants. “When you’ve got two automobiles being constructed and one in every of them does not work out, you’ve got nonetheless obtained the opposite one and down choosing sooner than we might like would in all probability make that … much less of a probability we might get the car we would like within the time that we might need”. However, the journey to the “red planet” would take too long given the distance and maximum spaceship speed today’s technology can provide.


NASA’s current $458 million contract with Rocosmos runs through the end of 2017 and covers six seats for astronauts. As of now, however, space veggies are opening the frontier of space food for astronauts. That’s super important.

In a letter to Congress Aug. 5, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said “for five years now, the Congress, while incrementally increasing annual funding, has not adequately funded the commercial crew program to return human spaceflight launches to American soil this year, as planned”.

The idea of recycling human waste is not linked to astronauts, in fact amid California drought, many scientists brained way to recycle fresh water from sewage water.

“As NASA moves toward long-duration exploration missions farther into the solar system, Veggie will be a resource for crew food growth and consumption”, explained NASA, in a statement.

While he may have set new space records, Padalka is however not the first to take a selfie in outer space.

Other planned methods of growing plants in space include vertical agriculture, in which plants are grown in hydroponic shelves.


The space station is just bigger than a football field, according to a press release from the learning center.

Potentially spacebound again