ESPY Awards with Caitlin Jenner courage honors, network platform draw record

“While I felt like I looked great and that the gown looked fabulous, I still have a voice issue”, Caitlyn said.


While Ester seems to struggle with the change, it’s clear from her appearance with Caitlyn at the ESPY Awards last week that she supports and loves Caitlyn as much as ever.

Laverne Cox says she thinks it’s “insane” Caitlyn Jenner is constantly hounded by the paparazzi following her transition from male to female.

On Instagram Monday, Cox shared with fans that she had “finally” met Jenner in-person at a private advance screening of the former Olympian’s upcoming E! docuseries I Am Cait. “That’s important to me“, she writes.

“I don’t think that would have been my choice but I’m not on the ESPYS. What a relief”.

‘It was like every fantasy of my life come true, ‘ she writes.

Jenner also credited Diane Sawyer, who conducted the first interview in which Jenner identified as a woman in April, with helping her get through the ESPYs speech. I wanted to feel pretty. It’s going to take some getting used to, I want to do what he wants.

After the ceremony, Kris Jenner added her congratulations to Caitlyn for the fantastic speech, telling Us Weekly: “I think it was fantastic and very courageous”. The question raised appeared to be whether or not Jenner would use her privileges to increase awareness about trans people with fewer privileges.

Not because she was anxious about how her dress looked on TV, but rather how her voice would be perceived. Caitlyn said that as a child, she had grown up with dyslexia and her “biggest fear” was having to read aloud in front of the whole class. “That’s why all of my speaking engagements through the years have been always off the cuff”.

Reading my speech off of the teleprompter was a whole other story.

In her latest blog post on, she said: “Over the last month, I was so anxious about what to wear”.

“At first, Caitlyn was so excited about it and almost signed up straight away, but after careful thought and even trying out a few moves, she’s realized she was in over her head”, an insider explained to the news site.


This week, after her appearance at the ESPYs awards in an eye-catching white gown, Caitlyn Jenner made the list.

Highest rating every for the sports-themed awards telecast