Europe’s refugee crisis Obama’s fault

Whilst internationally Angela Merkel is often seen in her starring role as a calm and pragmatic crisis manager, initially observant but ultimately decisive, she is perceived as rather hesitant and slow to react in German domestic politics.


Dubbed Agenda 2010, the package was unpopular in Schroeder’s center-left party but is widely credited with making Europe’s biggest economy more robust. “And I hope that the facts will be put on the table as quickly as possible”, she said.

There was a safe, Schroeder said. “Silvio Berlusconi’s watches.” They were gifts from the former Italian premier that Schroeder wasn’t fond of wearing, according to a 2008 Focus magazine report.

As opposition leader, Merkel clashed with Schroeder over his vehement opposition to the U.S.-led war in Iraq.

“Our aim is to reach the outline of a deal by the end of the year if possible”, Angela Merkel told a gathering organised by her Christian Democratic parliamentary faction.

Schroeder, who was derided for appearing overbearing, said Tuesday he now agrees with his wife that his performance “was as spirited as it was suboptimal”.

Merkel has been rooting for years towards the reduction of global warming factors – including transportation pollution – has also been pressured by the need to safeguard her country’s automotive industry.

After Schroeder’s defeat, Merkel formed a coalition government with his party to become Germany’s first female chancellor, while Schroeder left politics.


“The Russian President liked the pragmatic approach of the Federal Chancellor in the way Schroeder demonstrated it. In general, both understood each other immediately”.

German govt to increase funding to states for refugees